DESTROYER wooden Skis


Modern freeride-touring skis, classic edition.

Handcrafted wooden skis feature a detailed finish with a long life wood core flex and timeless wooden design. Destroyer are freeride skis that have been constructed to meet all the requirements of modern freetouring. For the 2018 season they have been exclusively designed with a beautiful veneer top sheet and a classic matt finish. Destroyer features the elliptical rocker design to support smooth powder ride without the effect of ?riding up? the snow or terrain unevenness while you effortlessly push away the top layer of the snow. When riding on hard-packed snow, Destroyer uses the entire tail-end of the ski and delivers stability even at high speed. The shape and profile of the camber gives perfect responsiveness, great power transmission and smooth edge-to-edge ride.

The aerodynamic shape and predictable riding properties of the Destroyer make this directional freeride ski prove its worth not only during freetouring adventures on the wildest ski slopes, but also during serious freeride competition events. The redesigned tails feature skin mounting heels that enable easier and more secure skin mount.

Designed for freeride.

Dirty Bear is our most versatile and well-rounded ski that combines the best of freeride and freestyle.

In a nutshell it is, most likely, the perfect all-terrain ski. Semi hybrid construction and the 150mm/5mm early rise at the tips enable top performance on hard packed snow without compromising your terrain rides. Get ready to experience the true feel and flex of tip to tail wood core, the snappy camber suspension and directional twin-tip shape. The freeride-style 90° sidewall construction enhances riding properties and makes servicing of the ski much easier. Special glossy finish on the top sheet gives that extra touch of finesse to the overall design and the graphics simply cannot go unnoticed. Easy to handle and fast to respond, the Dirty Bear lets you flourish wherever you roam.

We guarantee that our Bears never heard of winter hibernation, so let them growl even louder this season!

Designed for all mountain.