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The ATK? collection goes big with the FREERAIDER 16, a tool for the hardcharging freeriders who really want to ski it hard!
The toe piece design shows a special geometry of the front lever elements that allows a super easy boot step-in (Easy Entry System?). The locking mechanisms are isolated from snow, ice and debris thanks to the Snow Pack Proof System?. The Up-hill Hardness Variator? is placed between the front lever and the base of the toe piece, it allows to change the locking hardness in uphill mode and provides the stiffest clamping out there.

The heel piece with the integrated Ski Brake is the result of the best ATK? patented systems. Boot step-in and vertical release (9-16) are managed by the Cam Release System? which guarantees the best boot stabilization and the highest downhill performance among tech bindings. The Elastic Response System?, with a 12 mm elastic travel, grants a natural flex of the ski. The Magneto Heel Flap System? provides 5 walking modes (Flat; + 27.5 mm; +30 mm; +44 mm; +49 mm), which can be easily selected and stabilized with a magnet system.
But the FREERAIDER 16 is much more than a FREERAIDER: in addition to the well-known FREERIDE SPACER (COD: AL09), it also includes the RAIDER TOE SHIM (COD: AL12) that reduces the drop (by 4mm) between the toe and heel piece and makes the binding even flatter for the best freeride feelings.

1200 – 1900 gr 
95 – 120 mm

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97mm, 102mm, 108mm