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MAJESTY The Force C Magnetic Ski Goggles black frame / black pearl lens [BLACK STRAP]

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The Force series is our flagship line of goggles. We have incorporated the most advanced solutions that will perform in the most demanding conditions.

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The Force goggles feature innovative magnetic technology, making lens changes extremely fast and accurate. Now you can easily adjust to changing visibility and weather conditions. Force uses magnetic precision and even if you don’t adjust the lens correctly, Force will correct itself and provide a perfect fit.

Comfortable ski goggles

The Force C model has up to 8 fixing points and 16 magnets holding the replaceable cylindrical lens in place. We know all too well what can happen to poorly attached goggle lenses in a solid fall, or when you need to replace them quickly during a break in the weather.
The ergonomic shape of the frame and the padding made from three layers of special sponge, make the goggles extremely comfortable and they fit perfectly under the helmet.
And of course you don’t have to worry about evaporation – the layout of the vents and the special coating on the lens mean that on warmer days your view of the mountains will be unobstructed. We’ve also taken care of your eyesight – the lenses provide full protection against intense UV radiation.
The goggles also come with a hard case, so if you’re going skiing by plane, for example, you can be sure the goggles will make it all the way to your destination! We recommend the Force C to all users looking for advanced goggles, which are particularly suitable for freeriding and skydiving.

The unique MAJESTY XENON™ lens

A high contrast lens that provides excellent visibility in all weather conditions. From bright sunshine to cloudy skies and even snowy conditions, the XENON™ lens offers a high level of contrast, improving the skier’s ability to see clearly.


Goggle features:

  • Ergonomic frame design (pre-pressed for extra comfort)
  • Mould injected frame
  • Double cylindrical mirror lens placed in a nano-frame + extra cylindrical lens with a nano-frame for bad weather conditions
  • Magnetic quick-change lens system
  • Minimalistic, clean design
  • 8 connection points, 16 magnets (placed in frame and lens)
  • Seamless and secure lens-to-frame seal
  • Effortless self-alignment
  • Wide field of view, both horizontal and vertical
  • Helmet compatible frame
  • Triple density foam (including mesh finishing)
  • Anti-fog and anti-smudge coating
  • Frame ventilated system at the top and bottom of goggles
  • 100% UV Protection
  • Matt finish frame
  • Adjustable strap with Majesty logo
  • Includes compression-molded storage case and microfiber goggle bag for storage and cleaning the lens


  • BLACK PEARL LENS – VLT 12%, Cat. 3

Ski goggle selection:

The selection of glasses for ski goggles is a very important element influencing comfort and safety during mountain excursions. All our goggles are not only aesthetically pleasing elements of the skier’s equipment, but, first and foremost, professional equipment with strictly specified parameters and excellent properties.
The basic parameters of ski goggle lenses are CAT, i.e. the goggle category, and VLT Visible Light Transmission.

The CAT parameter defines the range of the goggle category, while the VLT is responsible for representing how much natural light reaches the eye. The higher the VLT rating, the more light reaches the eyes. The Majesty Celano goggle’s CAT.0 and VLT rating of 83% is a goggle designed for night riding and artificial light conditions. The windscreen transmits 83% of light directly to the eye.

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Le choix des verres pour les masques de ski est un élément tr?s important qui influence le confort et la sécurité sur les pistes. Tous nos masques ne sont pas seulement des équipements tr?s esthétiques pour le skieur, mais surtout des équipements professionnels avec des param?tres strictement définis et garantissant des propriétés spécifiques.
Les param?tres de base des verres de lunettes sont la CAT, ou catégorie de lunettes, et la VLT, la transmission de la lumi?re visible. La VLT est chargée de représenter le pourcentage de lumi?re naturelle qui atteint l'?il. Plus la VLT est élevée, plus la lumi?re atteint les yeux.

Utilisation recommandée :

80-100%N/AN/DLunettes idéales pour la conduite de nuit, haute transmission de la lumi?re.
43-80%1CitrineXenon HD moonstone i rose, Rose RevoLunettes idéales pour conduire dans le brouillard et les nuages épais.
18-43%2Pink amethyst, RoseLunettes qui augmentent le contraste et améliorent la perception de la profondeur.
8-18%3Black pearl, Xenon HD red garnet, Ultraviolet, Fire opal, Indigo sapphire, Red RubyRéduit la fatigue des yeux. Convient ? la conduite par temps clair et ensoleillé.
3-8%4N/DDes lunettes pour conduire par temps tr?s ensoleillé.