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Majesticks 2018 Superior

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Multifunctional, high-quality and durable all-round sipoles that you can
rely on.
Our new, greatly improved telescopic ski poles (adjustable length:
100-140cm) have a comfortable high quality race grip and are great for
touring. Majesticks are made of light, durable, eco-friendly and completely
recyclable aluminum alloy 7075.
Majesticks are equiped with 2 sets of snowrings – freeride 85mm and
freestyle 50mm. All skipoles have soft handles and completely new,
comfortable wrist straps.
Switching between freestyle and backcountry all the time? No need to
change gear ? Majesticks are so versatile that have it all covered.
All Majesticks are made in EU (Italy).

They come equipped with:

  • thick upper tube (18mm) for extra rigidity
  • thinner lower shaft for a lighter and better balanced skipole, with reduced swing effect and wind resistance
  • comfortable strap with Majesty logo
  • quick lock ? a locking system recommended for ski-alpinism, easy to adjust the pole length + emergency
  • twist lock inside
  • stylish matt finishing
  • weight: 240g w/o snow basket