MAJESTY Dirty Bear PRO Freestyle Skis



The perfect competition ski.


Dirty Bear PRO skis were specially developed with Japanese Freestyle Team to deliver accurate tool for park and pipe.

Add ski poles for 1€ to the set!

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MAJESTY Dirty Bear PRO Park&Pipe Skis

Semi hybrid construction and the 150mm/5mm early rise at the tips enable top performance on hard packed snow without compromising your terrain rides.

Get ready to experience the true feel and flex of tip to tail wood core and directional twin-tip shape. Easy to handle and fast to respond.

Camber supports instant grip, ultra fast response, and cushions the impact of big air landings.


construction: semi hybrid (camber/front rocker)
shape: directional
flex: directional
flex ratio: 6
rocker type: 150mm (tips)
fiberglass: triax + biax
core: tip-to-tail woodcore (poplar and ash)
base: fast base IS7200
extras: durable sturdy top sheet
designed for: freestyle, park&pipe


166 cm/122-90-113 mm/17,5 m/1450 g
171 cm/122-90-113 mm/19,0 m/1500 g
176 cm/122-90-113 mm/20,5  m
181 cm/122-90-113 mm/21,5 m