ATK SL LIGHTWEIGHT 2023 ski bindings

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ATK SL LIGHTWEIGHT 2023 ski bindings


Weight: 110 grams
Materials: Alu 7075, POM, Titanium
Release range: Fixed race setting
Walking modes: Fixed race setting
Boot size adjustment: None
Heel elastic travel: None


The U-shaped springs of ATK’s WORLD CUP heel pieces are made of titanium. This metal provides incredible lightness, but is prone to wear and tear. This might lower the performance and safety level of the binding. The ROLLING-IN SYSTEM® has revolutionised this field: two small hardened steel bushings (0,4 mm wide) are applied to the front of the U-shaped spring, preventing wear and tear.


This system is characterised by a new design of the toe piece. Its innovative geometries allows a smooth step-in, safe and easy to perform on all the latest boots models. Effective even if the soles are worn.